Travel Malta and Things to Do in Malta

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In Malta there are many things to do and places to visit. Due to its climate, its culture and its popularity, Malta is one of the most recommended places in the Mediterranean with tour por Turquia, and it will be an excellent option for your next vacation. It is also very common to extend it with some nearby countries like Spain, Greece and Turkey. We definitely recommend you to take a look at below sponsored one for Turkey

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Here are some reasons why we consider that you should not miss this destination.

Traveling to Malta is one of the best options you can consider if you are wanting to enjoy some fantastic days of sightseeing in the middle of the Mediterranean.

On this island you can enjoy the sea and a good rest in a paradisiacal place. Also, if you are a fan of water sports and excursions that involve adventure, you will surely feel in your sauce. On the other hand, traveling to Malta with the idea of sightseeing will allow you to discover many cities and historic villages typical of the Mediterranean and, surely, you will fall under its charm.

Here we leave you with the most relevant articles to prepare and organize a trip to the island of Malta.

Isolated island, located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea and rich in history. Traveling to Malta is very fashionable among European tourists, and this is because it offers a diverse setting in which you can perform various activities. Here we tell you what things make this destination so popular among tourism fans.

Traveling to Malta is like going back in time, as it is full of old buildings and towns that seem to live in another time dimension. Although it is a small island, it has many points of interest for tourism, some of them declared a World Heritage Site. For this reason and because it is an ideal island to rest and spend a beautiful vacation, we believe that you should take it into account as a possible destination for your next trip.


If you want to travel to Malta, here we will help you with all the information you need to prepare and organize your vacation. As you already know, on this Mediterranean island you can find a lot of things to do and enjoy.

In this tourist guide about Malta we offer you information that can be very helpful to know when to choose your trip, how to prepare for it (how to prepare your luggage, how is the transport there, etc). We also inform you about the weather in Malta and we suggest some highly recommended sites depending on what you are looking for.

This online tourist guide is designed and aimed at all types of travelers and tourists. So whether you want to travel to Malta in the most economical way, do cultural tourism, or enjoy a luxury tourism vacation in Malta, we are sure that we can help you organize your stay. We also offer you information that may be useful if you are thinking of going to live and work in Malta, or if you want to travel to study English: currently, Malta is one of the favorite destinations to learn the Anglo-Saxon language. Do you need to book your stay in Malta? Well, in the hotels section in Malta you can book your room in the easiest way: with reconnections on the best areas to stay on the island. Malta has a wide range of hotels of all kinds, for those looking for the best deals and also for those who want to stay in the best hotels. At the same time we are going to inform you about the typical Maltese gastronomy and the best restaurants where to try it (from the cheapest places to the best ones; always keeping in mind its quality).

to decide how many days you are going to dedicate to cultural tourism, how many to enjoy the beach, how many to practice sports, etc. Once you have it clear, you must analyze what your budget is, and find a good place to stay that suits your possibilities (remember in summer it is advisable to book in advance, as hotels fill up quickly and increase in price).

Fortunately today we can get good deals on air tickets. The low cost companies par excellence that travel to Malta are and Ryanair, there you can book your flight directly. When it comes to accommodation in Malta, we recommend, the largest online booking platform in the world and the one with the best prices.

The small town of La Valletta (or Valeta) is one of the most representative places in Malta; You will undoubtedly understand why Malta has become an important tourist destination in recent years. Valletta is a beautiful Baroque city, with important fortifications and gigantic stone walls. It is a city full of people and atmosphere in its squares, patios, gardens and a large number of cafes. However, it retains a timeless atmosphere, as in its streets you will find great works of art: churches, palaces, statues, fountains and historical coats of arms on a lot of buildings. You can learn more about what to visit in La Valletta here.

If you want to enter streets with beautiful palaces and religious buildings from the 15th century, we recommend visiting the city of Mdina. Don’t miss the spectacular views of the Island of Malta from the walls of this ancient medieval city. Its gates and walls are a sight to behold. The beauty of Mdina has made it an important location in the Game of Thrones series. It is an essential place to visit in Malta. Learn more about what to see in Mdina here.

Marsaxlokk is a town located about 13 kilometers south of La Valletta. It is currently the most important fishing port on the island and a good place to taste Maltese gastronomy. In this place you can see the luzzus, which are traditional wooden boats painted in various colors: blue, green, red and yellow. In addition, every Sunday a curious open-air market takes place in the port, highly recommended to visit.

Adjacent to Mdina is the city of Rabat, also built by the Arabs in medieval times. The name of Rabat is the word used to say “suburb” and, although it is a city annexed perhaps less interesting to Mdina, Rabat has interesting places to visit such as the catacombs of St. Paul or St. Agatha. Here you will find an article with the most prominent places to see in Rabat.

If you go to Rabat, one of the obligatory visits is to visit the Catacombs of St. Paul and St. Agatha, because they are really impressive and allow you to learn a little more about the historical period in which Rome prohibited Christianity. Although these catacombs are not as big as those in Rome, they are almost more interesting to see, since they are kept in very good condition: you can get lost in the middle of this underground cemetery.

Catacombs of St. Paul
These catacombs house more than 30 hypogea in two large areas and legend has it that Saint Paul himself hid in them.

Price: € 5 adults. Retirees, young people and students € 3.50. Children between 6 and 11 years old € 2.50. Children under 5 years free.
Hours: Monday to Sunday from 09:00 to 17:00
Catacombs of Santa Agatha
Although the catacombs of Santa Agatha are claimed to be smaller than those of San Pablo, they are actually twice the size. Formed by 500 hypogea, within them is a beautiful basilica in which the pictorial essence of the Byzantine and Greco-Roman style can still be appreciated. Unfortunately you can only visit a small portion of the catacombs because they contain frescoes from the s. XVI – XVII and are closed to preserve them.

Price: € 5 adults. Retirees, young people between 12 and 17 years old and students the price is € 3.50. Children from 6 to 11 years old € 2.50 and children under 5 years old have free entry.
Hours: Monday to Saturday 09.00- 17.00.
The price of this visit includes a highly recommended audio guide to take, as it indicates the route you have to follow and explains the history of these catacombs in great detail. In this way you will be able to leave this place having learned much more about the history of humanity and in particular, the history of Malta.


When visiting the Domus Romana you can find the Roman remains that have been found on the island of Malta and have been preserved in the museum. In Roman times the place was the residence of a wealthy and aristocratic family. This house was accidentally discovered in 1881 and the first “museum” was built on top of the ruins to preserve the site’s discoveries. The current building of the museum allows the visitor to understand the daily life of a Roman family and admire the archaeological remains discovered from that time.

The museum is open every day of the week from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. It is closed on December 24, 25 and 31, January 1 and Good Friday. The price is € 6. Retirees, young people between 12 and 17 years old and students € 4.50. Children between 6 and 11 years old € 3. Children under 5 years old have free entry.

The three cities: Vittoriosa, Senglea and Cospicua and are known as a whole as La Cottonera. These three cities are at the origin of Maltese history since all the peoples who have settled in Malta have passed through them. They are made up of inlets that were already used as natural harbors since the time of the Phoenicians. They were also the first seat of the Knights of the Order of Saint John, so their palaces, churches, forts and baulartes are much older than those of Valletta.